Update Log

3/11/23: It's been, what... four months? Four months since I updated this website. I need to get back into finishing and maintaining this website, since I am seriously pursuing a career as front end web developer, MAYBE a full stack web developer if that's more profitable. Looking back on it, I'm not 100% satisified with this website - then again, who is ever 100% satisifed with their work? It's mostly margin issues, images acting weird on mobile, and the knowledge that my code isn't exactly the best or efficent. Anyways, I'm making a giant list of things I plan to do to fix up and expand on the website:

❥ Update copyright on home page.

❥ Update status on home page.

❥ Update "About Me" page to have more accurate information.

❥ Change the "Manifesto" page to be a place where I can go into more detail about myself, instead of it being forcibly designated as a place for me to rant about my beliefs. The main text of the "About Me" page is as big enough as it is, and I am honestly not the kind of person who feels the need to broadcast a manifesto on the internet anyways. I'm more of the "let it out through a stream of petty complaints in private" kind of person. This is kind of complete for now. I might go back to elaborate on some of my tastes, I guess. I don't know.

❥ Update "Characters and Projects" to include my current projects I am actively working on. This means removing "A Role to Play" and "City Pop Lovers", and potentially adding "Red Silk Peonies". (I don't really like this new project for various reasons, and I might scrap it, so I need to keep that in mind before I waste time coding an entire webpage for it.)

❥ Either add a summary of Pink Hills' storyline - good luck with that, or remove the "Story" tab.

❥ Create a webpage for "Ricoverse".

❥ Create a webpage for "Red Silk Peonies".

❥ Create a webpage for "Desires of His Heart".

❥ Add a page for Blanche and Senon for the "Non-Fandom Characters" section.

❥ Add a page for Zornrah for the "Fandom Characters" section.

❥ Remove Misere's page and gallery. I don't really care for Homestuck enough anymore to have anything about it on my website.

❥ Finish the pages for the following characters:

❥ Blanche

❥ Senon

❥ Zornrah

❥ Solange

❥ Margarita

❥ Maristela

❥ Create a section for fursonas and closed species characters. Yes, Solange and Margarita are getting an entire section to themselves.

❥ Update all of the character pages with the new template.

❥ Remove all of the character galleries. They're honestly pointless, since you can just look at them on ToyHouse.

❥ Finish the shrines by adding information and commentary for the following:

❥ Spike Spiegel

❥ Rico

❥ Chloe

❥ Barbara

❥ Create shrines for the following:

❥ Warriors (maybe)

❥ The Sims 2

❥ The City Pop music genre (complete with music recommendations)

❥ The Disco music genre (complete with music recommendations)

❥ Michiko (maybe)

❥ CookeRossi (maybe, I'm considering deleting this one)

❥ Oreo (maybe, I'm considering deleting this one since my dad no longer owns him.)

❥ Eve

❥ Create a webpage links section on the "Other Cool Websites" page. This is to link to individual webpages I really like.

❥ Update the site map, AFTER all of the pages listed above have been modified.

❥ Run HTML and CSS checker through every single webpage on this website.

❥ Find some way to optimize the code for this website so that it doesn't take forever to load. I've noticed it's very image-heavy, so that likely has something to do with it. Praying that this doesn't mean I have to recreate everything from the ground up.

8/24/22: Sorry for the radio silence on my end. Been busy with life and whatnot. I've mostly made minor changes to the website.

6/4/22: I reorganized the shrine masterlist page and created a shrine page for Kiki, Muffy, and Carmen. While we're at it, I need to get this out of the way: I won't be updating my website as much. This is because my summer semester of college will be starting in two days, so once that hits, I won't have as much time to work on the website.

6/2/22: I finally finished the casting tab on the Pink Hills page! Right now, I'm wondering how much I shoud reveal on it... I feel like if I include things such as the timeline and a synoposis of the story in "the story" tab, it'd border into spoilers. Then again, I also have stories kind of spoiling Pink Hills elsewhere on my website, so does it really matter?

5/30/22: Good news! I finall figured out how that bastard data-bs-parent works with bootstrap, so expect me to start building the Pink Hills page.

5/28/22: I'll admit it, I got burnt out again. Combined with me attending a convention, I didn't have much time to work on the website. HOWEVER, I did add a new shrine page for the Animal Crossing villager Papi. He's my favorite villager ever, so I feel like he deserved it.

5/24/22: I apologize for the radio silence. I kind of got burnt out, and then when I bounced back I used that energy to make a webring, which you can check out here. Anyways, I made a webrings page and some minor adjustments to the home page. I also completed Spike's shrine.

5/21/22: I ran a few pages through a CSS validator, before I finished the rest of my character pages and their respective galleries. Onto to finishing the shrines.

5/21/22: I ran my website through HTML Validator. Now to run it through a CSS validator!

5/20/22: I think I'm done making those optimizations and whatnot. Hopefully I don't have to do it again. Please let me know if anything is still broken.

5/19/22: I'm making a massive overhaul to the website in terms of organization and optimization. Expect things to be broken for a while.

5/19/22: I made a shrine page for Schofield, Scourge, and half of one for Neal Beato. Then I spent the rest of the day trying to add a volume control for all of the audio players on this website. After an embarassingly long time of trying to figure it out, I finally did so. And I didn't even keep it. Simple is the best way to go, apparently.

5/18/22: I made a shrine page for Blacksad and Cooke. I've noticed I'm starting to get better with HTML and CSS, since it didn't take me an abysmally long time to make it. I also organized my website button page, so now there's categories for everything. A lot better than just slapping button after button on there for no real reason.

5/17/22: So... a lot has changed. Namely the home page, which has been vastly improved so there isn't that weird extra space at the bottom. It seems as if float has a lot of unintentional side-effects. I've also made the masterlist page for the shrine pages.

5/16/22: I've added a page and gallery for Roy, Toffee, Misere, and Oliver.

5/15/22: I've added pages and galleries for Rico and Marcie. I couldn't do much today because I was out and about and getting ready to leave Maryland.

5/14/22: I've added pages and galleries for Aglaeca, Honey, Katsumi, and Lola.

5/14/22: I've started working on the character pages for the characters in "Other Characters". Thanks to SparklyCodes on ToyHouse for allowing me to use her code for their pages!

5/13/22: I changed the front page significantly, and also made a sitemap and also a seperate updates page.

5/13/22: I made a manifesto page. What will I put on it? Who knows, because right now I certainly don't.

5/12/22: I added a bunch of userboxes to my graphics page.

5/12/22: I fixed an error where I accidentally deleted the writing hub page, which has been restored. (Albeit with some difficulty.) I also added two writing pieces to it as well, which I reccomend you go check out while you're here.

5/12/22: I credited the user who made the art gallery code. I credited the user who made the code for the slideshow as well.

5/11/22: I added more graphics to the graphics page. I'm considering adding a sitemap to the homepage as well.

5/10/22: I made a graphics page.

5/10/22: I put all of the graphics on my about page onto my server. It should be a lot kinder to your bandwith now.

5/10/22: I customized the "Not Found" error page. Centering the textbox took an embarrassingly long time to do.

5/9/22: I changed the music player from a drop-in script to a HTML5 audio player. It works better now, but it can only play one song now :(

5/9/22: I added a custom cursor to the website. Isn't it cute?

5/9/22: I added a writing page. I don't feel like adding all of my writing on there at the moment. Maybe in the future.

5/9/22: I changed the guestbook service I use, since it had issues working on Firefox. I also added a music player to my about page to give it a little bit of flavor. It doesn't work in Microsoft Edge - which I should have stopped using a long time ago, but whatever. However, it DOES work in Firefox and Chrome. While we're at it, I also changed the margins of the buttons on the redirectory pages so they look better across all browsers. EDIT: It works in Edge, I just had to turn off Adblocker and then turn it on again. Alternatively, right clicking on the player and clicking "Refresh Frame" also works.

5/8/22: I created the art gallery! You have no idea on how long it took for me to find a modual popup image gallery code that actually worked.

5/8/22: I made the misc. character directory page.

5/8/22: I created the landing pages for my Creations and Projects and the Creations pages. Those are pretty much done.

5/7/22: I created a button. Go put it on your website. Or else.

5/7/22: I created a reccomended websites page! Go check these guys out if you want. Speaking of which, I gotta either commission or make my own button...

5/7/22: I created a guest book page. Finding the right one was surprisingly difficult.

5/7/22: I added a bio. Now to find buttons to add to the left sidebar.

5/7/22: The about page of this website was created. It will be updated in the future with an actual bio and buttons later on.

5/4/22: The home page and landing page of this website was created.

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