Update Log

6/4/22: I reorganized the shrine masterlist page and created a shrine page for Kiki, Muffy, and Carmen. While we're at it, I need to get this out of the way: I won't be updating my website as much. This is because my summer semester of college will be starting in two days, so once that hits, I won't have as much time to work on the website.

6/2/22: I finally finished the casting tab on the Pink Hills page! Right now, I'm wondering how much I shoud reveal on it... I feel like if I include things such as the timeline and a synoposis of the story in "the story" tab, it'd border into spoilers. Then again, I also have stories kind of spoiling Pink Hills elsewhere on my website, so does it really matter?

5/30/22: Good news! I finall figured out how that bastard data-bs-parent works with bootstrap, so expect me to start building the Pink Hills page.

5/28/22: I'll admit it, I got burnt out again. Combined with me attending a convention, I didn't have much time to work on the website. HOWEVER, I did add a new shrine page for the Animal Crossing villager Papi. He's my favorite villager ever, so I feel like he deserved it.

5/24/22: I apologize for the radio silence. I kind of got burnt out, and then when I bounced back I used that energy to make a webring, which you can check out here. Anyways, I made a webrings page and some minor adjustments to the home page. I also completed Spike's shrine.

5/21/22: I ran a few pages through a CSS validator, before I finished the rest of my character pages and their respective galleries. Onto to finishing the shrines.

5/21/22: I ran my website through HTML Validator. Now to run it through a CSS validator!

5/20/22: I think I'm done making those optimizations and whatnot. Hopefully I don't have to do it again. Please let me know if anything is still broken.

5/19/22: I'm making a massive overhaul to the website in terms of organization and optimization. Expect things to be broken for a while.

5/19/22: I made a shrine page for Schofield, Scourge, and half of one for Neal Beato. Then I spent the rest of the day trying to add a volume control for all of the audio players on this website. After an embarassingly long time of trying to figure it out, I finally did so. And I didn't even keep it. Simple is the best way to go, apparently.

5/18/22: I made a shrine page for Blacksad and Cooke. I've noticed I'm starting to get better with HTML and CSS, since it didn't take me an abysmally long time to make it. I also organized my website button page, so now there's categories for everything. A lot better than just slapping button after button on there for no real reason.

5/17/22: So... a lot has changed. Namely the home page, which has been vastly improved so there isn't that weird extra space at the bottom. It seems as if float has a lot of unintentional side-effects. I've also made the masterlist page for the shrine pages.

5/16/22: I've added a page and gallery for Roy, Toffee, Misere, and Oliver.

5/15/22: I've added pages and galleries for Rico and Marcie. I couldn't do much today because I was out and about and getting ready to leave Maryland.

5/14/22: I've added pages and galleries for Aglaeca, Honey, Katsumi, and Lola.

5/14/22: I've started working on the character pages for the characters in "Other Characters". Thanks to SparklyCodes on ToyHouse for allowing me to use her code for their pages!

5/13/22: I changed the front page significantly, and also made a sitemap and also a seperate updates page.

5/13/22: I made a manifesto page. What will I put on it? Who knows, because right now I certainly don't.

5/12/22: I added a bunch of userboxes to my graphics page.

5/12/22: I fixed an error where I accidentally deleted the writing hub page, which has been restored. (Albeit with some difficulty.) I also added two writing pieces to it as well, which I reccomend you go check out while you're here.

5/12/22: I credited the user who made the art gallery code. I credited the user who made the code for the slideshow as well.

5/11/22: I added more graphics to the graphics page. I'm considering adding a sitemap to the homepage as well.

5/10/22: I made a graphics page.

5/10/22: I put all of the graphics on my about page onto my server. It should be a lot kinder to your bandwith now.

5/10/22: I customized the "Not Found" error page. Centering the textbox took an embarrassingly long time to do.

5/9/22: I changed the music player from a drop-in script to a HTML5 audio player. It works better now, but it can only play one song now :(

5/9/22: I added a custom cursor to the website. Isn't it cute?

5/9/22: I added a writing page. I don't feel like adding all of my writing on there at the moment. Maybe in the future.

5/9/22: I changed the guestbook service I use, since it had issues working on Firefox. I also added a music player to my about page to give it a little bit of flavor. It doesn't work in Microsoft Edge - which I should have stopped using a long time ago, but whatever. However, it DOES work in Firefox and Chrome. While we're at it, I also changed the margins of the buttons on the redirectory pages so they look better across all browsers. EDIT: It works in Edge, I just had to turn off Adblocker and then turn it on again. Alternatively, right clicking on the player and clicking "Refresh Frame" also works.

5/8/22: I created the art gallery! You have no idea on how long it took for me to find a modual popup image gallery code that actually worked.

5/8/22: I made the misc. character directory page.

5/8/22: I created the landing pages for my Creations and Projects and the Creations pages. Those are pretty much done.

5/7/22: I created a button. Go put it on your website. Or else.

5/7/22: I created a reccomended websites page! Go check these guys out if you want. Speaking of which, I gotta either commission or make my own button...

5/7/22: I created a guest book page. Finding the right one was surprisingly difficult.

5/7/22: I added a bio. Now to find buttons to add to the left sidebar.

5/7/22: The about page of this website was created. It will be updated in the future with an actual bio and buttons later on.

5/4/22: The home page and landing page of this website was created.

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