The discord server is a fan server for a game that is either Fallout or similar to Fallout. It drifts off into being a gaming/hangout server.

Connor - Tradcath groyper and highest discord mod in the server. He runs a YouTube channel where he posts meme videos and cringe compilations. Unironically likes Stonetoss and anyone like him. It is unknown if he has a job.

Irene - Connor’s tradwife girlfriend. She is bitter, hates other women, and rags on them whenever they join the server. Reposts the most fanart of the game in one of the server channels. Has the discord role “Kitten”. She lives in-person with Connor. Fakes a cutesy voice during voice calls. Only woman she doesn’t treat like dirt is Shirley, and that is because she doesn’t view her as a threat.

After Connor dies, she becomes a mod. She starts her own radfem server once she starts studying radfem theory. She still becomes a cannibalistic serial killer who targets men.

Edward - Server Owner. Is rarely active due to being in military academy and also his alcoholism. Closeted gay man who had multiple flings with Connor when they were both teenagers. This is before Connor became a part of the alt-right.

Michiko - E-girl and avid gamer who just wants to make friends. She gets groomed by Connor and harassed by Steve.

Barbara - Used to be in the server when she liked the game. Got groomed into a secretive, abusive relationship with Connor before she got temp banned for rejecting his advances. Edward unbans her eventually, and she returns once Connor dies.

Steve - Ultra-simp. Subscribed to Bell Delphine, Pokimane, and Neekolul. Harassed Barbara until she blocked him, as they had a former fling in high school. Tends to harass women who join the server except for Irene. Connor allows him to get away with it.

Howard - Likes the game and joins the server to have fun. Is a frequent lurker and bitter towards the mod team.

Frank - On the mod team. Very annoying and does not get punished for breaking the rules.

Vernon - On the mod team. Hardly active, much less does his job properly. At one point, he organizes a raid against Alice's server.

Shirley - Joined the server to be with her boyfriend and Irene. Frequently makes her discord statuses vague statements about how she simps for Irene. Sucks up to the mod team. She eventually join's Alice's server.

Carol - Rarely active in the server, but her boyfriend Frank pressures her to be more active, as he thinks it would strengthen their failing relationship.

Alice - Not in the server at all, as she puts up enough with Connor IRL as it is, since they are siblings. She runs her own server which is a hangout group for sapphic women. In academy with Edward.

Helen - Frequent lurker. She is in both Edward’s server and Alice’s server. She often enjoys seeing the drama that occurs in the gaming server.

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