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The Man Behind Irene Miller | (List of Content Warnings)

The Worldbuilding of Pink Hills | (List of Content Warnings)

The History of My Warrior Cats Fanon Universe

Pink Hills Discord AU

Midnight Feelings


7/16/22: I added Midnight Feelings. Be warned, there's a slur in one of Connor's lines.

6/25/22: I added the Pink Hills Discord AU. It's kind of batshit.

5/17/22: I added "The History of my Warrior Cats Fanon Universe." I wrote this mostly for myself so I can remember the crazy shit I wrote as a kid.

5/12/22: I added "The Man Behind Irene Miller" and "The Worldbuilding of Pink Hills" to the list.

5/12/22: I accidentally overwrote the code for this page like a complete dumbass. I had to redo it from memory, as well as trial and error.

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