NAME Toffee


SPECIES American Shorthair Cat

BIRTHDAY December 19th

ZODIAC Sagittarius





She's just my fursona/mascot. It's not that deep. Her design is a combination of two of my oldest fursonas, Coffee Spice, and the unnamed character I used to depict myself in my older art. Toffee just kind of... lives out my ideal life. That's really about it.


It is very easy for her to become bitter and paranoid about the world around her. Becomes dedicated to whatever few causes she is chasing after. Otherwise, her fur is not easily rustled. Much as she distrusts others, she finds solace in the few communities she participates in. Tends to be indecisive, but once she’s made a decision, she’s set, and nothing can sway her opinion on the matter. Speaking of which, she is ungodly stubborn.

Appears to be amiable on the outside. Nervous and always worried about something to some extent. Tries to play it off behind an apathetic facade. Has fits of hyperactivity, and will do stupid things out of impulse. Can be very upbeat to the point of being annoying when she is around the people she cares for. Tends to have intense emotions, and is often forgetful when it comes to doing basic things.

Gets along with very few people, and is generally reclusive and anti-social. She has to be pushed further to connect with others beyond seeing them as a surface-level acquaintance, as she is too scared to talk to people most of the time due to her trauma with past failures with socialization.


  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Playing video games
  • Listening to music
  • Science
  • Soda


  • Fandoms
  • Nuts and cashews
  • Being around too many people
  • Sports (The exception being golf)

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