NAME Bernard Stark

AGE 16


FAMILY Leporidae

GENUS AND SPECIES Oryctolagus cuniculus

BIRTHDAY December 26th

SIGN Capricorn


HEIGHT 125 cm (4'1")

WEIGHT 29.1 kg



Though many would expect Tank to be in military school, he tells everyone his end goal is to become an officer like his father, which is why he is attending such a prestigious university. In reality, he plans to become a world-class ballet dancer, and ultimately wants to break away from his family in the process to do so. At the same time, he doesn’t want to lose his father’s approval, but ultimately feels it is inevitable.


Stern, serious, blunt, kind of grumpy, and loud, Tank is not one to mess around. He has no sense of humor, and often misses his family’s jokes. He can be mouthy if he assumes himself to be in a position of authority, which is not often. He has a tendency to be literal with his words, and often assumes others are the same due to the straight-forward communication he grew up with. There are times where he can be moralistic and preachy and doesn’t like doing the wrong thing. He tries his best to not give into his instincts and live in fear, as it was something strongly discouraged within his family, but sometimes it is hard for a young man like him, especially when he is around foxes and birds of prey. He tries to adhere to social rules, but often fails at this for reasons even he doesn’t know. As a result, he tends to use odd wording and language such as military jargon he picks up from his father and addresses his superiors by “sir” or “m’am” a lot.


Family: He lives with his father, younger brother, and younger sister. He has a strange relationship where he looks up to his father and wants his approval, but his father still sees him as a kid desperately trying to fill his shoes and failing. He cannot stand his brother’s sleazy, laid-back nature, and predicts he will be fathering at least a dozen children. He is extremely protective of his younger sister and calls her on the phone often.

Friends: He practically has no friends due to his personality and him moving around a lot throughout his childhood. He often wants to reach out to make friends but has no idea on how to, and often feels like a leaf drifting in the wind with his presence.

Rivals: He practically has no enemies for the same reasons he has no friends.


  • Theater
  • Ballet
  • Excersizing
  • Boxing
  • Jiu Jitsu


  • Foxes
  • Birds of Prey
  • Hot weather


Tank grew up in an average military family, moving around constantly. His mother was working in a clerical job for the Army, while his father worked as a lieutenant colonel when he was born as their first child. Tank had no time or energy to establish his roots in the communities around him, not even with other military kids, much as he liked and related to them. From a young age, he was energetic and active, constantly on the move, something his father found odd. To release his energy, his father would take him out to play sports and take self-defense classes, but it was clear that Tank gravitated towards other things such as ballet and theater. Disappointed with how his son was turning out, he grew distant from him, considering him to be a lost cause, and turned to disciplining Tank’s rebellious brother instead.

One day, his mother disappeared after many a numerous altercation between her and his father, and while only her bones and fur turned up years later, it is highly suspected she was devoured by a widowed fox who lived nearby, a widowed fox who was suspected to have devoured several other small herbivores. Traumatized by this event, Tank retreated further into his inner world, turning to tragic plays involving death to quell his sadness. To this day, he still has a soft spot for tragedies.

Cherryton school
 ID Number  15019833
 Birthday  26-12
 Order  Lagomorpha Leporidae
 .  Lionhead Rabbit

 Name  Lionhead Rabbit
   This is the proof that this animal is a student of this school
student ID

Principal Gon

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