NAME Sharon Mullerford

AGE 16


FAMILY Canidae

GENUS AND SPECIES Canis lupus familiaris

BIRTHDAY November 21st

SIGN Sagittarius


HEIGHT 177.8 cm (5'10)


Sharon is a young first-year transfer student. She is eager to make new friends, despite her intimidating stature.


She is bubbly and full of energy pretty much all of the time. She is easily excitable, and tries her best to be optimistic. She is outgoing and has a tongue in cheek sense of humor. There are times where she can be considered arrogant, especially out on the tennis court. A lot of people can consider her to be annoying, and she often follows her own whims, which can annoy her friends to no end.


  • Beaches
  • Sports
  • Fashion


  • Cold Weather
  • Sitting Still


She lingered in foster care for a while, until she was adopted by a family of rich Eurasian Lynxes who could not conceive any more children. While she loves her parents and twin siblings dearly, she has struggled with not feeling like being enough of a canine for a while due to this trans-species adoption. She was bullied by other dogs for not acting enough like a dog in middle school, so she started to put on a front of aggression to fit in better, in spite of her nature. She is starting to drop this front as she approaches high school, but she fears it will slip out again at times.


  • She has ADHD.


  • Sometimes she wears a bandana.

Cherryton school
 ID Number  27021826
 Birthday  2000-11-21
 Order  Carnivora Canidae
 .  Staffordshire Terrier

 Name  Sharon Mullerford
   This is the proof that this animal is a student of this school
student ID

Principal Gon

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