NAME Sadako Sadohara

AGE 17 or 18


FAMILY Canidae

GENUS AND SPECIES Nyctereutes procyonoides

BIRTHDAY April 15th

SIGN Aries


HEIGHT 138 cm (4'4)

WEIGHT 40.8 kg



Sadako is a young student at Cherryton High. She is a bright, passionate, hardworking student who feels a lot of pressure to succeed from her quiet and unknown family. She is, or rather was, in the book club. She gets suspended from school and expelled from the club after embezzling funds from the club's treasury during a manic episode. Soon, her academic life and mental health as she knows it begins to spiral downhill.


She is a bright, passionate, hardworking student, who feels a lot of pressure to succeed from her quiet and unknown family. She likes to entertain her friends by being a jokester, and is a trouble maker at times. Despite the jolly disposition around her friends, it's not something that comes naturally to her. Part of it stems from what people expect tanukis to act like, and she's afraid that if she drops the front, her friends will leave her. As she likes to put it, laughing is her coping mechanism.

She's often torn between not taking things seriously enough and taking things too seriously. She's not good with priorities. She tries to be honest about her intentions, as honesty is one of her main values. She is torn between what society wants from her, and what her family wants from her. People often try to take advantage of her due to expectations about her species, with people believing her to be gullible and absent-minded, even though that is not the case.


  • Books and films
  • Academics
  • Iced Coffee
  • Snow and rain


  • Taller animals
  • Hot Weather


She's an esteemed member of the book club at Cherryton High School. However, she gets expelled from her club after spending around $200 in treasury funds on supplies for a personal project she conducted during a manic episode. Because she was a minor when this occurred, she was not tried as an adult. Even after the case was dropped, the damage was done.

Scared and ashamed, she goes into a downward spiral that leads into her getting into loads of trouble and a depressive episode. In her best efforts to bounce back, she joins the film club. However, her mental state continues to dwindle, and she grows more uneasy with each passing day.

She never took her mental health seriously, nor did her family. It was an issue that always got swept under the rug, despite her father going through similar episodes.

Despite being a carnivore, not a lot of students take her seriously due to her short stature. Regardless, she tries her best not to worry about her emerging instincts, stifling them with beans and fruit salad, her favorite meals. She is quick to correct people when they call her a carnivore, since she is “technically an omnivore.” Nobody cares.


  • She is seen wearing a silver bracelet. She got it from her grandmother before she died.
  • She is a huge fan of foreign films.


  • Her arms and legs should be dark, like the markings on her face.

Cherryton school
 ID Number  25024930
 Birthday  04-15
 Order  Carnivora Canidae
 .  Raccoon Dog

 Name  Sadohara Sadako
   This is the proof that this animal is a student of this school
student ID

Principal Gon

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