NAME Rose Quartz

SPECIES Crystal Pony


RESIDENCE Crystal City


"Did ya' know I'd be considered a war criminal by the Equestrian Empire?"


Despite her sanguine, bubbly, cheerful exterior, she is considered a wanted criminal by the Equestrian Empire for being a part of a cult called “The Institute of Reformed Umbrians”. They are a group of crystal ponies whose end goal is to restore Sombra to the throne of the Crystal Empire as its dictator. She loathes Equestria for making her country a puppet state and sees the cult as the only way to free her country from Celestia’s rule.

She ends up attempting to infiltrate the high ranks of Equestria to destroy them from the inside out by joining the Mare’s Auxiliary Army Corps (MAAC) as a secretary who handles secretive documents, documents who she relays the contents of back to her cult.


  • Cold Weather


  • Celestia

Greg Robison placeholder image

Smokey Quartz Sister

She is close to her. Despite trying to cheer her up often, it tends to not work.

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