NAME Otis "Miles" Fletcher

BIRTHDATE April 15th, 1917


RACE White






❝ He may be pretty and a good lay, but he can be a stone-cold killer and mean as a wet cat when needed. ❞


Otis is an American soldier serving his country during WWII. However, he is - respectfully speaking - a very promiscuous and coquette-ish soldier.

He can also be rather scary at times, particularly when he gets mad or into a position of command - especially around new recruits. He is a tough fighter on the battlefield, and is known for his habit of collecting war trophies, such as dog tags, watches, combat knives, and medals.

Not so deep down on the inside lies an insecure man who feels the need to rectify for his naturally effeminate nature.


  • His collections
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Parties
  • Ranch Dressing


  • Being called a hick, "country boy", or a redneck


Otis is often described as a logical, forward-thinking kind of person. He is assertive and concerned with making sure things run smoothly and according to the rules.

He is also committed to traditions, standards, and laws. He has strong beliefs and possesses sensible judgment—and he expects others will uphold the same principles as well.

While he is coy, sly, and crass with a wry sense of humor, not so deep on the inside is a nurturing, submissive, and fatherly man who wants the best for his wife and future kids.


He grew up in a small town in Iowa as the child of a British immigrant from Barnes, London. His biological father died during WWI, and his mother moved to America after his death to start over with her life. When Otis turned six, he gained a stepfather who was a farmer from outside of the town. He gained a half-sister named Ruby shortly into his parents' marriage.

He met a woman named Maud in high school, and it was love at first sight. When the draft was announced, they vowed to get married after he returned from the war, if he did at all.

He was drafted to fight during WWII and went on to serve in the European Theater. In spite of his hobby of collecting numerous war trophies, he went on to be awarded an Army Commendation Medal.

After the war came to a close, his wife moved with him to Germany for its occupation, and it was then he married his sweetheart. During this time, he served as a Civil Affairs Specialist, desiring to change the German population for the better. It was through his newfound job he came to regret his brutality on the battlefield.

After the occupation came to a close, the couple moved back to the United States, and went on to live a somewhat normal life. They balanced a heteronormative, white-picket-fence lifestyle with their three children, and the wild, queer nightlife they indulged in on the side.


  • He has a blend of a Midwestern accent and a slight London inflection he picked up from his mother.
  • At first glance, he is underestimated by others. New recruits are often warned of how "scary" he turns out to be, which he admittedly finds amusing, even if he cannot be outright with his thoughts while in power.
  • When he was not fighting or sifting through his collection during the war, he often shot the shit with his colleagues. This was mostly by either drinking, playing card games with them, or telling stories of the weird, unexplainable, borderline supernatural encounters he had growing up in the cornfields of the countryside. He was never too good at card games such as spades or poker, but then again, he was never concerned with winning them in the first place.
  • As one can guess, most of the swastika-related medals he collected had to go after the war ended. He found it too hard to explain to visiting company.
  • He enjoys getting asked questions about his service by his kids and maybe his friends post-war.
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Maud Fletcher Wife

She is the apple of his eye. He loves her soft, quiet, and demure nature, and the fact that it's a cover for the firebrand she is in the bedroom. Promiscuous as he is, at the end of the day, he's loyal to her, and her only. He would never dream of being in a formal relationship with anyone else. At times, they are best friends with benefits more so than actual lovers.

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Ruby Fletcher Half-Sister

He is considerably over-protective of her.

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