NAME Oliver Ferreria

AGE 17


FAMILY Giraffidae

GENUS AND SPECIES Okapia O. johnstoni

BIRTHDAY March 26th

SIGN Aries


HEIGHT 190.5 cm (6'3)

WEIGHT 88.9 kg


He feels pressure from his family to settle down and start his own family, due to okapis being an endangered species. The one thing he fears is telling his family that he’s gay.

He doesn’t have much experience with carnivores, and he is torn by curiosity and fear when it comes to dealing with them. The only exception is leopards, he’s heard nothing but the worst about them, and would prefer to never meet one in his life.


He is cocky and arrogant, due to his intelligence. He’s the kind of kid who thinks it’s a good idea to “debate” with his teacher during class. However, he’s no class clown, and hates that kind of stuff. As it can be guessed, he’s not a teacher’s pet, and is quite the rebellious rule breaker. Despite his haughty and serious nature, inside is an easily flustered and loving man. He’s no social butterfly, and prefers to be left to his own devices.


  • Photography development
  • Roller skating
  • Stamp Collecting
  • Debates


  • Leopards


His father is an engineer, and his mother is a linguist. He has an older brother who is in college to become a lawyer, and is considered the perfect sibling of the family. He grew up with a normal life in another country until his family moved to the area when he was 15, due to his father getting a luxurious job opportunity there. It’s knocked some of the confidence out of him due to his unfamiliarity with his environment, but he’s starting to bounce back.

He transferred to Cherryton High for his second year, his parents seeing the great opportunities the school could provide.


  • His favorite subject is math.
  • His grandfather fought in a war, and he is more than happy to bring it up in a conversation, his favorite thing being for him to show off pictures of his grandfather holding a rocket launcher. He thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. No one else does.


  • Both of his ears are pierced, and he has some ear studs in his left ear.
  • His fur is thick and velvety, a natural coat against the rain, and his skin is oily.
  • He’s of average weight for his height, however he is on the rather tall side for okapis.
  • He has scent glands on his feet. He is never seen without special socks to mask it.
  • He has a long, prehensile tongue.

Cherryton school
 ID Number  16014782
 Birthday  2000-03-26
 Order  Giraffidae Okapia
 .  Okapi

 Name  Oliver Ferreira
   This is the proof that this animal is a student of this school
student ID

Principal Gon

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