NAME Lola Brown

AGE 35


RACE Black

ETHNICITY African-American


OCCUPATION Front Desk Receptionist

" I'm no tramp, but I'm certainly no lady, either. "


A one-hit wonder disco artist, many would consider women like Lola to be the heart and soul of New York City. Born and raised in Harlem, she knows NYC and its limits and advantages very initmately.


  • Singing and Dancing
  • Parties
  • Expensive Clothes
  • Being left alone
  • Music


  • Love
  • Classic Rock


She is bitter and jaded about the world, especially her love life. In fact, she has completely given up on the concept of love and considers it to be the stuff of Broadway fairy tales. While she is at heart a kind woman who wants to give back to her community, it is deeply hidden underneath her crass exterior. Despite living in one of the most populated cities in America, she feels very isolated and alone in her life.


To be added.


  • Her voice claim is Carrie Lucas.
  • She is based on the song "Native New Yorker" by Odyssey.
Greg Robison placeholder image

Greg Robinson Ex-Boyfriend

She detests him for a lot of things, but his promiscious nature, tendency to smoke pot, and the fact that he broke her heart is on the top of the list.

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