FULL NAME Katsumi Kuroda

AGE 16


PRONOUNS she/her


HEIGHT 160 cm




She couldn’t stop feeling him everywhere on her body. She could still feel him. It hurt.


Katsumi lives a relatively average life outside of Osaka, Japan in Izumisano with her family, including her younger sister and younger brother. She has an older sister who does not live with the family, as she is married.

Targeting whichever man she wants through compensated dating, Katsumi lures her victims out to the countryside in an abandoned rice field, before she drugs and dismembers them inside of her shed. She leaves what is left of the body for wild boars nearby.

Day by day, she is conflicted on whether to continue her deadly extracurricular actives, but there is a part of her that wants to never to stop, to continue feeding her bubbling, hidden rage towards the world.


  • Science (Anatomy, Medicine, Chemistry)
  • Kawaii culture
  • Computers and the Internet
  • Cooking
  • Music


  • Smoking
  • Make-up and fancy jewelry
  • Being called "mature for her age"
  • Older men
  • Police


At the age of 16, Katsumi became close with the sponsor of her student club, a teacher from America, as she admired his skills and looked up to him as a mentor. The teacher took advantage of her feelings and groomed her into an abusive sexual relationship that lasted about a year. Desperate for a way out, she planned his death in great detail. After practicing on stray animals, she executed her plan and murdered her predatory teacher in cold blood. Thus, the cycle of her murders began.


  • Her version of her name is spelled 克純 in kanji, with 克 meaning "triumph over", and 純 meaning "pure".
  • She owns a maxi scooter, and it is her pride and joy.
  • She is on the autism spectrum, on the low support end. She still has her moments, though.

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