NAME James Houston




DOB 7/19/1926


SPECIES American Pitbull Terrier

OCCUPATION Construction Project Manager

RESIDENCE Harlem, NYC, New York

HEIGHT 6'2" / 188 cm



He is satisfied where he is in life, perhaps a little too satisfied.


  • Born and raised in Harlem, NYC.
  • Drafted to serve in Europe during WWII.
  • Enrolled into a college program for veterans post-war.
  • Got a job at one of the biggest construction companies in NYC.


He grew up with humble beginnings in Harlem with his family in their small apartment. He would often fool around with his friends and frequently get into trouble with the police as a juvenile. When WWII came around, he was drafted, thus changing his attitude towards his country and his life forever. He served in the army as a sergeant in the 92nd Infantry Division. After the war ended, he took advantage of the numerous benefits for veterans post-war and enrolled into college in business management, hoping to make it up to his family for the trouble he caused them during his youth. After he finished college, he snagged a job at one of the biggest construction companies in New York City.


  • His prized possession and choice of gun is a Beretta M1935 pistol. He got his hands on one after a close brush with death itself on the battlefield in the Northern Apennines through an intense fist fight with an Italian soldier.
  • He owns a nonfunctional Fliegerchronograph watch he nabbed from the smoldering remains of a crashed Luftwaffe plane, and a functional Zenith DH watch he stole from a dead Wehrmacht soldier. He doesn't wear the former, only the latter sometimes. He also owns the dog tags of a Wehrmacht soldier; the same one he took the watch from.
  • He and Raymond first met during a stint in an underground gay club. Their relationship did not take off until after Raymond interviewed him for an exclusive article in the Morning Express, a small Asian-American newspaper. The article in question was about James' experience working alongside an all-Japanese American unit during his service. Needless to say, the interview started on an awkward note once they recognized each other.
  • His hobbies are exercising, dancing to music, and collecting fancy watches.



  • Fortitude: 4 ("Brute Force" +2, "Athletic" +1, "Fists of Steel" +1)
  • Reflexes: 3 ("Solid Aim" +1, "Firearms" +1, "Brawler" +1)
  • Willpower: 2 ("Stubborn" +1, "Commanding Voice" +1)
  • Willpower: 3 ("Military Knowledge" +2, "Street Smarts" +1)

Combat Stats

  • Initiative: 6
  • Defense: 2
  • Protection: 0
  • Endurance: 6
  • Resistance: 18


  • Conscience: 5
  • Knowing the difference between right and wrong but acting one way or another depending on the situation, frequently sacrificing oneself for loved ones.
  • Drive: 5
  • Instinct: 2
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RAYMOND Boyfriend

They met during one of Raymond's few ventures into New York City after he heard about the underground gay scene. The two are practically attached at the hip.

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