NAME Akilah Jones

AGE 16


FAMILY Bovidae


BIRTHDAY January 15th

SIGN Capricorn



WEIGHT 170 lbs.


“Now, I don’t know what you’re playing at, but I’m not that level of stupid.”


She is selfish, and hates putting her desires aside. She is not very emotional and is out of touch with her emotions. She is quiet and extremely shy on the surface. She is analytical and cautious of all situations, but even so, she tends to not think things through very well when it comes to her emotions, which makes it very easy to manipulate her. She is extremely feminine, and hates getting dirty outside of tech repair. She can be crafty, frugal, and resourceful when it comes to her hobbies, mainly because they can be so expensive to maintain.


  • Open-source software
  • Video Games
  • Computers
  • Urban Fashion


  • Apple and Mac Products
  • Sports


Her mother died during childbirth. She was, unfortunately, also her only child. As a result, her father is extremely overbearing and overprotective of her - which is also amplified by his undiagnosed anxiety.

Her father spoiled her with gadgets, trying his best to compensate for being at work so often.

He eventually remarried to a rather vain, self-centered woman, whose fashion sense rubbed off onto Akilah. While she is not abusive, they often have their conflicts due to their differences.

Growing up in the inner-city hardened Akilah to a lot of things, forcing her to put up a wall of sorts, making her scared to open up to those around her. She would often go to visit her extended family in the city whenever she could, and for years, she felt safe by the side of her aunt, uncle, and four cousins.

However, over the years, her extended family was picked off for the black market, being seen as desirable for being beef cattle, including one of her cousins. Shaken by their untimely disappearances, she vows to go into the dairy business to avoid the same fate, despite her breed being known for producing little milk. She fears deep down it will happen to her too, no matter what she does to fight back.


  • She eventually works as a part-time mechanic at an arcade, as well as the milk factory.
  • Her father forced her to take self-defense classes. She doesn’t remember much from them.
  • Her main hobbies are urban fashion blogging, video game console repair, and computer building. She knows all of the best places to thrift shop and the seediest stores near the black market to buy the best discounted electronic items.


  • She has painted blue keratin hooves and horns - as it's a part of the latest urban fashion trends. She can often be spotted wearing tank tops and a lot of denim with her clothes when not in uniform.

Cherryton school
 ID Number  1702752
 Birthday  01-15
 Order  Artiodactyla Bovidae
 .  N'Dama Cattle

 Name  Akilah Jones
   This is the proof that this animal is a student of this school
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Principal Gon

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